B+W High-Transmission MRC-Nano Master Circular Polarizer Filter (82mm)


Key Features
  • Circular Polarizer Filter
  • Helps Eliminate Reflections and Glare
  • Reduces Haze in Landscapes
  • Greater Color and Tonal Saturation
  • MRC Multiresistant Nano Coating
  • SCHOTT Optical Glass
  • Thin Brass Rotating Filter Ring
  • Enhanced Knurling, Greaseless Rotation

B+W MRC-Nano Master Overview

This 82mm High-Transmission MRC-Nano Master Circular Polarizer Filter from B+W helps reduce reflections and glare by filtering out light that has become polarized due to reflection from nonmetallic surfaces. Ambient light from the sun naturally becomes partially polarized due to reflecting off electrons in air molecules, causing the light to scatter into what appears as haze. A polarizing filter arranges this light perpendicularly to the reflected light, resulting in a noticeable reduction of glare and reflections from nonmetallic surfaces and an increase in the saturation of skies and foliage.

B+W’s Master filter line products are equipped with the exclusive MRC nano premium coating technology. This high-quality broadband coating is applied on both sides and enhances the optical imaging properties, to achieve a uniform and increased transmittance across the entire light spectrum, with minimal physically induced remaining reflection. The nano all-round protection on the filter glass ensures increased scratch resistance as well as extremely easy and fast cleaning.

  • Reduces reflections and glare
  • Clears up haze in landscapes and provides more saturated, vivid colors
  • Better grip due to optimized filter ring knurling
  • Grease-free polarizer for easy rotation
  • Easier mounting due to new lacquer finish technology
  • Durable and robust brass filter ring
  • Suitable for use with super wide- angle and telephoto lenses
  • Nano coating provides an improved beading effect with water for more efficient cleaning


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